Why does everybody want to live in San Francisco?

Why has the city become so expensive in the last few years?  Is it the weather? Or maybe the streets? The Golden Gate Bridge? Why do I want to be in SF?

Cause it’s awesome! How can you not want to live in San Francisco?!

San Francisco

The truth is: once you’ve been there you just feel like you need to go back and stay as long as you can.  For good, if possible. This option is incredibly expensive, but I’m sure I’ll make it.  Someday. You just keep your fingers crossed.

San Francisco is very pretty. The architecture combines the Victorian and modern styles. This eclectic character of buildings and hilly terrains make the city incredibly appealing to the eye and uncommon, no doubt about that! No matter if it’s a sunny or a rainy day, you want to see more of those colourful row houses and you just keep on walking till you can’t feel your legs. Sometimes you get the impression that you got yourself into a new world, where you need to climb the streets and you’re shocked, cause you might think you’ve been walking for ages,but you never seem to be on the very top of the city. And you actually enjoy it!  I rediscovered myself while being there. Oh yes, it turns out I’m not as lazy as I had always thought. What is more important, my muscles still exist! Hidden, but they are inside!


Maybe it’s because the city is not THAT big and if you want to, you can get anywhere on foot. At the same time, the city is full of surprises and nice little shops you’re probably not able to discover when you’re there for the first time. Come on, you’re simply too excited watching the steep streets! Of course, it’s good to have a 1-/ 3- or 7-day Muni & Cable Car Passport in the beginning, especially if you don’t have much time and you want to see as many local attractions as possible. By the way, Cable Cars are fantastic and if you manage to stand on the back platform, you can take marvellous pictures. It’s not that easy though, as only 2 people are allowed to be there. No discussions! – said the ticket collector.


I wouldn’t recommend renting a car, because parking in San Francisco is extremely complicated, and it’s not just the parallel parking I’m talking about. If you don’t have a garage and manage to find a spot, you really are lucky! What is more, the public transport works very well and is cheap. After just a few days of being there, you realise that distance between different districts is really not that challenging and you derive much pleasure from walking. Think about your muscles, they must be thrilled to be there, they will thank you for that!

We all know that weather in California is perfect and San Francisco is no exception. Maybe it’s not as hot as in the south part of the state, but if it works for so many people, it must be good. Indeed it is! You can rarely say it’s boiling hot or freezing, which is probably the most human-friendly kind of weather. The fog, the main villain of SF, adds the fantastic atmosphere of mystery above the Golden Gate Bridge and covers the city with a soft, fluffy blanket. California Academy of Sciences and its roof garden look simply stunning underneath it.


Remember that it would be unwise (I don’t want to use a stronger word) not to go to the CalAcademy, as it’s one of the most fascinating places I’ve seen. If you’re over 21, buy the ticket online http://www.calacademy.org, go there on Thursday evening, grab a drink (or two) and enjoy! You’ll love it, trust me!