Monday, 16 March 2015

7.30 am (“Polish” time) – the first stage of the project – trip to Warsaw

10.oo am- we’re at the Chopin Airport in Warsaw

11.00 am – security check-in. I suppose I should consider myself very lucky – the computer starts beeping to show that I’ve been chosen for a more thorough search. Yay! A woman makes sure I’m not hiding explosives in my bracelet by turning it around and a guy keeps checking stuff in my bag. The guy laughs at me – he must have noticed I’m pretty confused.

1.00 pm – we’re on a plane.

1.30 pm – the plane takes off, happy happy, joy joy!

3.oo pm – we’re in Oslo, time to take a breath, we drink the ridiculously overpriced coffee.

4.30 pm – flight to Fort Lauderdale in Florida

8.30 pm (“American” time) = 2.30 am (“Polish” time) – we’re in Fort Lauderdale

8.45 pm – time for the passport control; the queue is for at least 2 hours waiting so we use the fact that we were here a while ago to our advantage and jump into the queue for residents. It actually works!

9.45 pm – here’s where the whole fun begins! We’re going to claim our baggage, we’re looking for it, it’s not here, so we keep waiting and waiting… then we get impatient, so we ask one of the guys working there when the next pieces of luggage arrive. He yawns, looks at us and says “that’s it, no more suitcases arrive today, sorry”. Now, you probably know me, so you know my reaction, I need to pinch myself, focus on the pain to not burst into tears

10.30 pm – we fill in the forms and provide the address for them to send our luggage (if they find it); we call the airlines to check if they know anything, I can barely hear the man; pure pleasure, I tell you.

11.45 pm – we’re exhausted, heading to the car rental, where a cute little Chevrolet’s waiting for us, we buy the additional insurance, better safe than sorry, I guess

12.00 am – we arrive at Red Carpet Inn Hotel, we get the entrance cards. A few minutes later we find the room,  leave our carry-on luggage on the floor, Damian goes to the bathroom. He comes back with that weird look on his face. Turns out the toilet is blocked. A welcome gift. It happens, I know, but why does it have to happen to us? ;)

12.25 am – back at the reception (which, by the way was not near our room), the man gives us cards to the new room

12.40 am – going back to the room with the toilet blockage ;), getting our stuff, moving to the next room

1.00 am – (7.00 am in Poland = on the run for 24 hours) we get into our cute car and begin looking for a shop that would still be open to buy at least stupid toothbrushes. Here’s when I need to mention it again: we’re exhausted and we’re starving. :)

1.20 am – we find the CVS, where we buy some gels, toothbrushes, makeup removers, etc., and some awful sandwiches which taste like plastic

2.00 – back at the hotel, a quick shower; you’ve no idea how tired we are.

2.20 – after 25 hours of being on the go, we’re going to bed. We need to wake up at 7 and drive to the north part of Florida to meet our lawyer.

Yes, that’s right, nobody said it’d be easy. ;)