we salute you! :)

And now, all you rockstars, a special gift from me to you:


Decide whether it’s true or false:

“Every day, in every way, I’m getting better and better”.

There’s a myriad of essays, books and articles about motivation, hundreds of brilliant quotes I could use here, this sentence, however, seems to be the most appropriate for what I’m going to write about. I know it’s not strictly connected with motivation, it’s more like a mantra, an autosuggestion, yet, when no one else notices your achievements, is there a better solution than to assure yourself that you actually are developing with every little thing you do?

Émile Coué (1857 – 1926), the French psychologist, cured people with his words. He was too modest to admit it and claimed he only taught people how to cure themselves, but it’s undebatable that his method of selling remedies, while being an apothecary, was simply ingenious. A part of all pills, potions, or medicaments came with Coué’s reassurance on how effective it was; the other part was sold without any comments. What was the result? Patients who were convinced of the miraculous effects of the medicines would recover from their ailments more often and faster than those, who simply bought the drug.

Placebo effect

Having tested his theory, knowing how much simple words can affect our psyche, Coué decided to use it to help build people’s self-esteem. That’s when “every day, in every way…” came in. What he used was “Law of Concentrated Attention”, based on the idea that if you focus on one thing, over and over again, this thing will realise itself. Simple as that.

We’ve all heard of placebo treatments, mantras, autosuggestions, yet very few of us make a good use of them.

Wouldn’t it be nice to wake up every day, thinking you rock? You’re the best? Or if not the best yet, you’re about to be! My first answer to the extremely challenging task was FALSE, but believe me, I’m working on the correct one… and so should you!

Now listen to AC/DC! :)