Happy New year, everyone! Let’s look at it as a perfectly designed blank page, so be careful not to spoil its beauty and this year fill it only with positive thinking, optimism and dreams that come true! May you be happy the whole year through!

Any New Year’s resolutions?

A healthy diet, losing weight, saving money, doing sports? I’m sure that someone, somewhere managed to do it, but I’m not one of them.  But I have a question: have you promised yourself that this year you will quit smoking?

Then for Christ’s sake, just do it!

Don’t buy all those chewing gums or patches, they don’t work! All they do is make you addicted to something else, while you still feel like smoking all the time. Trust me, I know what I’m saying. I smoked for almost 15 years, and believe me, I smoked a lot! It’s actually one of the things I’m truly ashamed of. So what did I do? One day, in the winter (around -15 degrees C) while standing outside and smoking, I realised I looked ridiculous trembling from cold but still taking a drag on the stupid cigarette. Being addicted means being a slave and I was sick of it.

Additional motivation?

A major, let’s call it ‘motivation’ to quit, came from my husband, who kept complaining and whining about how horrible it was to kiss an ashtray. Every day the same thing, the same words, over and over again: “Tell me, why do you smoke? Why are you killing yourself? You stink like a cigarette and I hate it”. That’s what I would hear for over a year instead of “Honey, I’ve missed you, I’m so happy to see you” every time I came back home. That’s right, it sounds cruel, but it worked. I ran out of the possible answers and justifications for my addiction, what’s more, I felt silly smoking in the freezing temperatures, hence I capitulated. I haven’t smoked for 4 years and I’m proud of myself!

I didn’t cut down on smoking, I didn’t buy e-cigarettes, I simply quit. The willingness to give up smoking is all you need. You may think I’m strong-willed but, sadly, I’m far from it. I still can’t stop eating chocolate and cookies, but I suppose it’s not as destructive and unhealthy as smoking. Besides, it’s better to have one addiction than two, right?

Find your own precious moaner

To sum up, my advice is: instead of wasting your money on gums or patches, find someone capable of being a real pain in the arse and ask them to moan every time they see you smoke.

Good luck!