Today won’t be about exploring the recesses of human mind, nor will I analyse people’s behaviour at work. Today I want to reminisce a bit about my holidays in the most amazing city in the world.

The city never sleeps

…so why would you? I’m not trying to promote an unhealthy lifestyle, but NY attracts with thousands of places to see, millions of people to talk to, all the colours, neons, all the smells coming from restaurants – you simply can’t get enough of them, that’s why every minute of sleep seems like irreparable loss. I had less than two weeks to explore the Big Apple and got really depressed on the day of our departure. The overwhelming feeling that I hadn’t seen EVERYTHING was eating me inside. So beware, it’s addictive, it’s crazy, and you either love it, or hate it.

New York at night

If you’re there, or you’re planning to be, there’s no point in telling you where to go, I’m sure you’ve already checked many other websites and read a few city guides, but what I can do is show you some photographs, which I hope will prove that not going there would be a mistake, a sin that cannot be forgiven.

What I miss the most is…the people. If you want to wear a pink sock on your face or a bra instead of a belt – yeah, that’s the place. If you feel like talking to someone, sit on the bench in one of the parks, smile, and just start talking.

Lately I found a fantastic blog about life in New York and there’s this great article about funny NY stereotypes, you must read it!

Must see places in NYC (part 1):

Panorama of the city – Empire State Building

We spent over an hour to get to the top of the building, spent a fortune on the tickets and then waited another hour to get to the lift and leave the building. Was it all worth it? You bet it was! If you want to visit the ESB in the summer and you want to take beautiful photos, make sure you go there in the afternoon, so you’ll catch the light of the day, the sunset, and all the city lights in the evening. Unfortunately, I missed the chance as it was already dark when we got there. Oh well, maybe next time.
New York Empire State Building 2

Times Square

The place, which is always crammed with people, looks great 24/7, however, you want to be there in the evening, trust me. All the shops, restaurants, and most importantly, cafes are still open, and the lights of neons and ads take you to another world, where suddenly everything is alive, vivid and eye-catching. Even the thousands of people poking you, fighting for a place to take the selfie of their lifetime are not that annoying. ;-)

New York Times Square 5

Central Park

Tired after shopping on the Fifth Avenue? Want to eat lunch outdoors? Dreaming of a nice place to relax and take your child to the zoo? Or maybe you want to meet new people and see a good gig? Central Park will serve all these purposes. Sounds funny, I know, but CP is pretty special, and to me it seems like a huge toy store, which puts an everlasting smile on a child’s face.

Central Park

To be continued…