None of us knows how much time we’ve got left and very few of us know how to make every moment count. I know it sounds depressing but let’s try to turn these words into something good and start making wise choices. It’s impossible to do it all the time, we can’t live without our little indulgences, small things that make us feel guilty but, at the same time, add sweet flavour to our lives.

Stop for a second and find your motivation

Put down your phone, stop checking your mailbox every 5 minutes, don’t watch TV the whole evening, and quit analysing the cruel things you heard from your supervisor. They are all not worthy of your attention! So, should I be writing this post now? Maybe I should be doing something I’ve been afraid of my whole life? Who knows, maybe if I went to a ZOO and touched a snake or a monitor lizard I’d stop being so frightened of them? I’d go to Australia and become the happiest person in the world. Or I could visit Siberia and discover that taking walks in minus 100000 degrees may be quite enjoyable and good for my joints?

Surround yourself with doers and believers!

So, it’s high time we changed some of our habits in order to become more active. Many experts emphasise it matters a lot who you spend your time with, so start focusing on people, whose actions can be considered motivating. What is crucial is not to let anyone tell you that you’re incapable of doing things you want to do. If you hear it, don’t get upset and tell them you’ll try anyway. There is nothing wrong about pursuing your goals and being ambitious, as long as things you do don’t affect others in a negative way. Remain compassionate and empathetic, sooner or later it’ll come back to you. Yes, karma is a bitch and I’m a living proof of that.

Overman? What the heck?

I don’t want to spend my life with people who don’t respect others and misinterpret Nietzsche’s idea of the overman. For me it’s the most annoying thing in the world to see someone look down on people. Fine, they may have done something small, earned some money, but they haven’t found a cure for Ebola and saved lives, have they? We are all equal and we all deserve to be treated the same way. I know what some of you may think now: a lot depends on where you were born. It’s easier to live in Switzerland than it is in Ukraine at the moment, I am aware of that, trust me. But please remember, you’re the one responsible for your life and if you don’t fight for yourself, for being happy, nobody else will. In the end, it’s your determination that really matters.