If you wanted to see the second part of My Francisco, you will have to wait. I’m sorry. There’s something else I’d like to share with you today.

Days turn grey to blue

(Sorry, Rob Flynn, had to change this part a bit.)

Mary is a colleague of mine. She’s from Dallas in Texas and she has been my main inspiration for writing this post. Few days ago we went for walk. We visited places I’d never seen before (shame on me for not knowing my city) and while we were there I kept thinking: why haven’t I taken her to the city centre? Why not the Old Market Square? Now, what you need to know is that it was one of those horrible, grey, crying and weeping types of day and we went to a district full of huge and very old blocks of flats. It rained, it was pretty cold and all I could think about was being at home and reading a book – covered with a blanket and with a huge mug of mocha coffee next to me. Chocolate bar within my reach. No, don’t get me wrong, walking with Mary was really nice, but this type of weather makes me very melancholic. Those are the moments when I wish I was a bear and slept through autumn and winter.

Anyway, there I was, focusing on how ugly the whole world was, while she had this aura of positive energy around her. So when I apologised for choosing such a boring and empty neighbourhood, she said “it’s not that bad, we have no effect on weather, do we?” She also added that she got some food (a cheese danish for breakfast), which was another positive aspect of our little walk.

ostrow tumski


Now, my question is: why are we so different? Hey, even if I listen to Monty Python’s “Always look on he bright side of life” 10 times a day, I don’t get cheerful. All it does is make me annoyed, cause how many times can you listen to the same song? Of course, I don’t do it, but it would be a perfect example of the way many of us think. We hate doing some things but we are stuck and (theoretically) unable to change anything. Sounds a bit masochistic, doesn’t it? Yes, I do find it scary!  We waste our lives being engrossed in activities we’re not even interested in. How silly does that sound? Silly enough to make you want to change something?

Start with small steps

Stop wishing you had done something differently

Stop blaming yourself and other people for the mistakes you’ve made. Nobody is perfect! Think of people who achieved a lot. Were they successful from the very beginning? No, they worked hard and refused to give up. Was Steve Jobs a tech guru when he started his career in IT? No, but he was self-confident and knew he was strong enough to conquer the world.

Meet new people, create new connections

If you feel lonely, or you simply want to start a new business, instead of watching bad TV, go to a cafe, or knock on your neighbour’s door and ask if he or she wants to share a bottle of wine with you. You have nothing to lose and so much to gain. Who knows, maybe that person will change your whole world? Tell them about your day and ask about their habits. Sometimes talking to strangers can be more beneficial than talking to someone who cares about you too much, someone who is overprotective and trembles when you talk about possible changes in your life. Black scenarios don’t always come true.

Changes can be good. Changes must be good …oh, one more thing – generally changes are good!

I’d like to tell you about a good friend of mine, who is now one of the happiest people on Earth. Why? To be continued…



ostrow tumski