Changes we dread most

If you wanted to see the second part of My Francisco, you will have to wait. I’m sorry. There’s something else I’d like to share with you today. Days turn grey to blue (Sorry, Rob Flynn, had to change this part a bit.) Mary is a colleague of mine. She’s from Dallas in Texas and she... read more »

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My Francisco Part 1

Why does everybody want to live in San Francisco? Why has the city become so expensive in the last few years?  Is it the weather? Or maybe the streets? The Golden Gate Bridge? Why do I want to be in SF? Cause it’s awesome! How can you not want to live in San Francisco?! The... read more »

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Take a trip down memory lane

Today I’m not going to give you any pieces of advice. Nor am I going to talk about the States. Well, maybe I will, but this country is not the main character of the story. This time it’s going to be an incredible island that stole my heart many years ago and just won’t let... read more »

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The US/ The American dream, the Polish dream

Po niecałych dwóch miesiącach w Stanach, nadal niewiele mogę powiedzieć na temat tego kraju, ale wiem, że chciałabym go poznać lepiej i chciałabym spędzić tam przynajmniej kilka lat. Nasza podróż była idealna, nie zmieniłabym niczego. Był mój mąż, ja, świetne auta, piękne miejsca, znane dotychczas wyłącznie z telewizji, jedna, wielka przygoda. Jasne, było kilka stresujących... read more »

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