A while ago we switched to the winter time which is supposed to help you wake up in the morning without the feeling of being punished for some wrongdoing.  You get up, take a shower, put on makeup without the need to switch all the lights on, you’re bright and breezy, and eager to go to work. Well, l must be defective, cause it certainly doesn’t work that way in my case. First of all, getting up at 6 is always terribly difficult, regardless of the time of the year. When you add grey, dark mornings and low temperature outside, you get a recipe for a total disaster.

It gets dark early in the afternoon, which is another reason to feel blue. I envy my fish – the temperature in their tanks is always almost 30 degrees Celsius and the light is on the whole day. Their bellies are always full (not that mine isn’t) and they swim happily in their little paradise. What the love the most are the tiny worms. They shake their fins when I approach them with the little net they know so well. My reaction to chocolate and cookies is similar to Pavlov’s dog. So again, fish are lucky and I’m bound to have a huge bum. We all have our frailties, don’t we?

What helps you when you feel down? Is there anything you do to stop it? Do you read? Clean your flat? Or maybe you think about better times?

My mind usually takes me back to New York. Sure, not being there can make me even more melancholic, but it’s the thought that someday I might go there again that keeps me alive and kicking.

Grand Central Terminal

Grand Central my favourite

Around 750,000 people visit the place every day, take millions of photos, admire the beautiful ceiling, windows and, obviously, the timepiece in the Main Concourse, which is worth around $4 million. If you ever want to produce a film or write a story about being alone in the crowd, it’s a perfect place!

Brooklyn Bridge

Do you like to feel the wind on your face? Do you enjoy watching rays of sunshine reflecting in the water?

A walk across the Brooklyn Bridge is an unforgettable experience. I guess it was the sense of freedom I felt during the stroll that made the BB my favourite place on Earth. For me it’s the most beautiful bridge in the world with the view that takes your breath away.  I’d give a lot to turn back time and be there again. A truly magical place.

Manhattan Bridge 3

 Washington Square Park

Another fantastic park in the city, where you can spend hours without even getting close to feeling bored. The park is much smaller than the famous and New Yorkers’ beloved Central Park but, in my opinion,  it’s actually the size that makes it so special. Rather small area with hundreds of people playing guitars, drums, singing, walking, eating, talking…do I have to add more? While my husband wanted to explore all the places in the CP, I fell in love with this “cosy” park. Hardly surprising, after all, this is where I met one of the cutest dogs I’ve ever seen – Ginger. So, dear New Yorkers, consider yourselves very lucky if you live or work somewhere near this beautiful public garden.

Washington Square Park

What is your favourite place that you (want to) visit whenever you have ‘one of those days’?