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1000000 ways to … be yourself

Being someone else could be very tempting. What would it be like to become diametrically different? The antithesis of what we really are? Would I make a good Wall Street shark? Could you be the most patient and conscientious teacher in the world? Or could your grandma be the provider for the family earning as... read more »

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Brooklyn Bridge

Brooklyn Bridge

A while ago we switched to the winter time which is supposed to help you wake up in the morning without the feeling of being punished for some wrongdoing.  You get up, take a shower, put on makeup without the need to switch all the lights on, you’re bright and breezy, and eager to go to... read more »

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The horror

The horror

Some of us enjoy watching horror films. The nail-biting films, scary stories told at the campfire, or stories written by Edgar Allan Poe are very popular among teenagers and adults. Have you ever wondered why? Some time ago I went with my friends to a cafe, to gossip a bit. I don’t know how, or why,... read more »

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Being different – Kudos to Tim Cook

Tim Cook’s confession sparks controversy. Why is sexuality still a taboo subject? I still remember the look on some people’s faces when I told them about the subject of my MA thesis. It was ‘AIDS in American literature written by gay men’. Now, when I look at it, I see that the title could have... read more »

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