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Trick or scream! Halloween in Poland

What is Halloween? A lot of frightening fun and children playing trick or treat. The aim is to find the scariest and most recognisable costume, get as many sweets as possible, and stay up all night to meet all the monsters, vampires and demons. Halloween in Ireland It all began in about 1000AD when the... read more »

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My dreams take me back to New York

Today won’t be about exploring the recesses of human mind, nor will I analyse people’s behaviour at work. Today I want to reminisce a bit about my holidays in the most amazing city in the world. The city never sleeps …so why would you? I’m not trying to promote an unhealthy lifestyle, but NY attracts with... read more »

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Magical thinking

Magical thinking When I was a child I thought I could change the world. It started with the desire and aspiration of solving my parents’ marital problems. I think it’s called magical thinking. I really believed that it was my fault that they didn’t see eye to eye, hence it was my responsibility to reconcile... read more »

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A key word: EMPATHY

Step outside of your tiny, little world. Step inside into a tiny, little world of somebody else. And then do it again, and do it again, and do it again. And suddenly all these tiny, little worlds, they come together in this complex web. And they build a big, complex world. (S. Richards) Empathy in... read more »

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Doers and Believers

None of us knows how much time we’ve got left and very few of us know how to make every moment count. I know it sounds depressing but let’s try to turn these words into something good and start making wise choices. It’s impossible to do it all the time, we can’t live without our little indulgences,... read more »

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Dreams do come true

Today I’m going to write about a very special friend of mine, whose determination managed to turn reality into a dream. Michal is one of the nicest people I know. He’s younger than me, yet there are so many things I could learn from him. I guess it’s not a reason for me to be... read more »

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Changes we dread most

If you wanted to see the second part of My Francisco, you will have to wait. I’m sorry. There’s something else I’d like to share with you today. Days turn grey to blue (Sorry, Rob Flynn, had to change this part a bit.) Mary is a colleague of mine. She’s from Dallas in Texas and she... read more »

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My Francisco Part 1

Why does everybody want to live in San Francisco? Why has the city become so expensive in the last few years?  Is it the weather? Or maybe the streets? The Golden Gate Bridge? Why do I want to be in SF? Cause it’s awesome! How can you not want to live in San Francisco?! The... read more »

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