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New Year’s resolutions

Happy New year, everyone! Let’s look at it as a perfectly designed blank page, so be careful not to spoil its beauty and this year fill it only with positive thinking, optimism and dreams that come true! May you be happy the whole year through! Any New Year’s resolutions? A healthy diet, losing weight, saving money,... read more »

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Placebo. For those about to get better…

we salute you! :) And now, all you rockstars, a special gift from me to you: TASK 1 Decide whether it’s true or false: “Every day, in every way, I’m getting better and better”. There’s a myriad of essays, books and articles about motivation, hundreds of brilliant quotes I could use here, this sentence, however,... read more »

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The horror

Some of us enjoy watching horror films. The nail-biting films, scary stories told at the campfire, or stories written by Edgar Allan Poe are very popular among teenagers and adults. Have you ever wondered why? Some time ago I went with my friends to a cafe, to gossip a bit. I don’t know how, or why,... read more »

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Magical thinking

Magical thinking When I was a child I thought I could change the world. It started with the desire and aspiration of solving my parents’ marital problems. I think it’s called magical thinking. I really believed that it was my fault that they didn’t see eye to eye, hence it was my responsibility to reconcile... read more »

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